Ever since adopting a healthier lifestyle, I have been conscious of what I put in my body and have made sure that the foods I consume fuel me well to maximize my fitness and physical health. The products from Sneaky Wholefoods definitely meet these standards and are a great source of both energy and nutrition, allowing me to indulge but still feel good as they are jam-packed with nourishing and wholesome ingredients that I know are beneficial to my health.




Ever since I was a kid I have always been into sports and have always been active, playing basketball, football, soccer and swimming. However, I never realized the importance of nutrition in promoting physical health (and mental health) until I was 14. Up until then, I ate junk food all the time and didn't know what impact the foods I was consuming had on my body.


When I became aware of this, I researched tirelessly to find a way of eating that would be healthy and satisfying but they were all restrictive which unfortunately resulted in me viewing food in a negative light. But thank goodness I discovered veganism and I transitioned to a vegan lifestyle - going from omnivore to pescatarian to vegetarian then finally vegan - at 15 years of age not only for the endless health benefits but also for the animals and environment.


Eating this way has meant that I am no longer always lethargic but rather am full of energy which has allowed me to progress tremendously with my fitness goals. With a wholesome plant-based diet I always know that the foods I am consuming are beneficial to my health. I no longer have to stress over counting calories which has dramatically changed my relationship with food for the better. Wholesome, nutritious, balanced and non-restrictive yet still tasty is no doubt the way to go to fuel your body right.