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Sweet Better Being Blends 

are designed to give you the power to personalise and customise your own wholesome snack - without the hassle! These blends mix convenience with simplicity, meaning that there’s no excuses when it comes to creating a healthy option for yourself!

The idea is to promote a mindful snacking experience, but also to encourage having a bit of fun with your snacks and taking ownership for what you create for yourself. It’s all about empowering, rewarding, and investing in yourself with a treat that makes you feel like a better being.  

Create bliss balls, raw bars, pancakes, baked cookies, smoothies, slices or brownies , because

You Choose Your Creation.


Savoury Better Being Blends


are the new staple ‘INGREDIENT’ you can add to any wholesome meal.

They’re a DO IT YOURSELF BAKE MIX designed to give you that little nudge of inspiration for when you get asked “What’s for dinner?” or thinking what to snack on during the day.

Use the blends as a; base, coating or add in to any crowd pleasing favourite for dinner, or personalise and customise the blends to easily whip up a savoury snack like; crackers, muffins or fritters.

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Better Being Bars 

are designed to be the better snack choice when your

on-the-go or needing something qui and satisfying to eat.


Our Better Being Bars  now come in three flavours, all will add real value to your snack time, with every ingredient being hand selected with a purpose to serve your body with wholesome, nutritious energy.

Our mission is simple; Snack Better, Be Better 

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