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our collections

Sneaky Wholefoods Collection

Our Australian made wholesome & natural snack bars are handmade fresh in Perth, WA. They're perfect for people who want to nourish their bodies with wholesome food to maximize their energy through mindful snacking. Our bars come in nine varieties ensuring there's a flavour for everyone.

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Better Being Collection

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Steph McDonald's Better Being Range encourages you to have fun with your snacks and take ownership for what you create for yourself. It’s all about empowering, rewarding, and investing in yourself with a treat that makes you feel like a better being.

Steph McDonald

our top products

Salted Peanut


Super Bite

our house hold staple when it comes to snack time


Strawberry White Chocolate

Blondie Better Being Bar

created in collaboration with Naked Harvest Supplements


Salted Banana Caramel

Better Being Blend

slightly salty, slightly nutty,

but oh so sweet


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