I'm Liz, a plantbased coeliac with a serious sweet tooth hence once I came across Sneaky bliss balls I was hooked! I've been an avid consumer/supporter of the brand from the beginning and nothing has changed still the same delicious Wholefoods- my favourite has to be the cranberry goji almond bliss ball!




I've been plant based for just over a year now and can firmly say it's one of the best decisions I have ever made. My journey started at a very young age, whilst in kindergarten (AGE 4) an animal farm came to visit and after developing a strong bond with a baby piglet and going home to ask my Mum whether that was the bacon she fed me, I instantly became vegetarian. I went through most of my schooling years as a vego although had bouts of pescetarianism primarily when social events would become difficult.

Although a year after finishing school I started to experience horrible digestive issues and was originally recommended to follow a FODMAP food plan. This didn’t solve the problem and in fact only made things worse, I found it incredibly restrictive and hard to follow and after a few months attempting to follow it gave up only to be further reactive to certain food groups. At this point I was at my whit’s end, but everything changed when I saw an naturopath who diagnosed me with "Leaky Gut Syndrome" which WE solved with a gluten free/vegan lifestyle along with supplementing Magnesium. Ill admit it took at least six months to start to notice a difference, even still I have difficulties with certain foods but everyday gets easier and I cannot believe the change I've seen in myself and my attitude towards food and eating.


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