I would like to share my story with you, as it helps to explain my commitment to having a healthy, balanced life. 

Originally from Poland, I grew up in Germany, and always loved physical exercise as a child. I was very fortunate that my dad encouraged me to play sport, and fostered my love of tennis and swimming. However, as a teenager, my love of physical exercise became an obsession. I suffered through both eating disorders and exercise addiction. I had many difficult years before I could find my road to recovery.

Stepping outside of my comfort zone, I travelled around Australia at the age of 19. I settled down in Perth and started teaching group fitness classes. I discovered that I loved seeing clients gain positive changes through exercise. My own mindset became more positive and focused on leading a healthy lifestyle. I completed a Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Science and now work with a wide range of clients on their health and fitness goals.

I am constantly continuing my education about factors affecting our health – nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, stress levels and mindset.  These all play important roles in maintaining a healthy body.  My approach is holistic and balanced. I have empathy for those who are overcoming significant challenges in their lives, as I have done. I also encourage others to step outside of their comfort zone. I have been challenging myself recently by competing in powerlifting, strongmen competitions and doing photoshoots – definitely out of my comfort zone!

 I have been fortunate enough to meet the founder Daisy of Sneaky Wholefoods a few years ago and became obsessed with her creations the moment I tasted them! Since that day I haven't come across any product that comes even close to the taste she manages to create, as well as her  product quality is way above any other prepacked - and fresh raw treats! 

So, however my aim, and hope, is to inspire and help you live a healthy, balanced life – whether it is body transformation, strength, fitness or nutrition. I am super proud and excited to be a part of the Sneaky Team and cant wait to share my journey, ideas and recipes with you guys!