For the past few years I have been on my own fitness journey and along the way I have made many mistakes, but learnt many lessons about fuelling my body well, eating for health and shopping smart.


In the past I had a pretty terrible diet, eating plenty of takeaway or processed foods during high school and university. At the time I was still young and opted for what was fast and easy without considering my health or how these foods impacted upon not only my body, but my concentration, mental health, sleep and a multitude of other areas of my overall wellbeing.


As I got older and my metabolism wasn’t what it used to be I started to gain weight and decided I wanted to make a change. I started training at the gym, looking at packaging to consider the contents of my foods and researching nutrition more. I realised that for my workouts to be successful, for my hair/skin/nails to be healthy and my mental health to be in check, good food choices were key. I became aware of things like artificial sweeteners, educated my self on the importance fuelling my body with wholesome foods and how to balance carbohydrates, fats and protein across my meals.


I first came across Sneaky Wholefoods when perusing my local health food store. Initially I have to admit I was drawn to their aesthetic labels but after reading more into their ingredients list and trying one of their products (peanut butter cacao is a favourite), I was hooked. Instead of filling my belly with excessive sugars, processed foods and fake flavours, these types of wholesome and nutritious snacks have become so incredibly instrumental in a changed lifestyle and happier, healthier me.


They are a staple in meals like my oats bowls for breakfast or just a quick on the go snack at work or after the gym. Knowing that alternatives like these products are available instead of the processed ones I used to default to, I will never go back. My health, happiness and mindset all stem from the balanced lifestyle I now live, breathe and promote to others. I am lucky enough to be part of #TeamSneaky who embody all that I stand for.


 I am a twenty-four year old Masters of Clinical Psychology student currently completing my degree and working in the field. My honours and masters theses both have focused on social media and the impact idealised  media images have on female body image.


I am a strong advocate for body esteem and self love. Having been through many ups and downs along my own health and fitness journey, I have been through it all when it comes to negative body image, social comparisons, fad diets, excessive cardio/overexercising and a number of other negative health outcomes, from which I feel the media play a large role. My social media platform has been used as somewhat of a journal, following my journey, sharing my learnings and generating connections with other likeminded others.


Outside of my study I love to cook, read, create social media content and workout. I found a passion for living a more balanced lifestyle, in which I love weight training, eating wholefoods bought from my local markets, spending times with friends and family and reading as much as possible to continue to learn and grow in all areas of my life. In 2018 I started the Fit Baes Aus. Fit Baes Aus organises meetups across Australia with other girls who too love health and fitness.


To complete my Masters degree I moved by myself from Adelaide to Brisbane and this is when I felt my loneliest. Knowing no one I used social media to reach out, meet new people and foster new friendships. This is the aim of the meetups, to provide others with this opportunity and do what I feel social media is for, connect with each other.


I am incredibly excited to be apart of #TeamSneaky. I have loved their products for a long time love their message and believe their bars are one of the best wholefood products on the market at the moment. Yay!

IG: @that_girl_lifts  / @fitbaesaus