Hello! I’m Marnie and I am addicted to a good salad. Cooking has always been a passion of mine. It is another outlet for my creativity. A limitless way to showcase texture, taste and flavour. In the last three years, health and fitness has taken priority in my life and food has naturally followed.


After establishing a healthy food delivery business in my hometown which I sold early 2017, I felt the need for another avenue to continue my passion for creating and sharing my recipes. Hail the Kale was born as an outlet to share my love for healthy cooking and new-found enthusiasm for the gym.  I discovered that healthy food and exercise were a match made in heaven. It is hard to believe that 4 years ago I did not know how to do a jump squat. These days, I can definitely say that the gym is my happy place and the right food fuels my strength and performance on the daily. I am constantly pushing myself to achieve new goals in the gym and in the kitchen, experimenting with what makes me feel good inside and out.


I grew up in Albany, a small coastal down south of Western Australia. Good quality, in season produce is plentiful, which I definitely did not take advantage of until 3 years ago when healthy lifestyle changes emerged. I am constantly being inspired by others around me. I share a love of cooking with my Grandma, Mum and sisters.  Transforming flavours with simple ingredients is key to my cooking. We live in a world where food has become way too convenient and many of us have lost the art of cooking, making and creating in the kitchen. I want to inspire and influence others around me to cook real, healthy and wholesome food. Healthy food shouldn’t be complicated, keep it simple.


This is where Sneaky Wholefoods and I share the same ideology. The products that Sneaky produce are all about nourishing your body with the right nutrients from simple (and easy to read!) ingredients. Using all-natural ingredients to create a delicious snack, I know I am putting the right nutrients into my body. I have not come across a better whole food bar with the right texture, flavour and taste than Sneaky Wholefoods.  Free from refined sugar with many grain free, vegan and gluten free options, Sneaky Whole Foods ticks all of Hail the Kale’s boxes! I am so excited to be a part of the team at Sneaky Wholefoods, experimenting with Sneaky products in my own recipes and sharing simple and healthy lifestyle habits with you all!