Cookie & Bar Collection Recipe eBook



The Better Being Blends have been designed to mix convenience with simplicity, meaning that there are no excuses when it comes to creating a healthy option for yourself.

With Better Being Blends in your pantry, the possibilities of creations are endless!


With this in mind were thrilled to finally introduce to you our first collection of recipes.


Introducing the Better Being Blends Cookie & Bar Collection.


Each recipe promotes a mindful snacking experience, and also encourages having a bit of fun with your snacks that you choose to create for yourself.


The recipes in the collection can be adapted to cater for almost any dietary requirement including options that are: gluten free, grain free vegan and/or dairy free. We’ve also included the breakdown of macros for each recipe (p/serve).


With this collection of recipes on hand, you’ll get the most out of your Blends and feel empowered with a treat that makes you feel like a better being


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  • eBook Includes

    The purpose behind the blends, a flavour profile of each of the 4 flavours, an insight to what staples we have in our pantry along with a macro breakdown profile for all recipes in the Collection. This is your go-to guide on all things Better Being Blends! 

    But what we’re all here for are the recipes. With over 10+ recipes you can dive into creations such as Coffee Peanut Butter Shortbread Doughnuts, Cherry Choc Beet Bars and Coffee Brownie Mars Bars. We’ve even included additional Christmas recipes like Carrot Gingerbread Stars and Mini Cherry Christmas Pudding Bites.