The Better Being Snack Bag

Eco Friendly Snack Bag




  1. Do you find yourself losing your emergency snacks only to find them squished at the bottom of your hand / gym bag?
  2. Are you looking for a bag to store your snacks in when going on a road / plane trip?
  3. Are you in need of a cute sized bag to carry your snacks in when out snack shopping?
  4. Looking for a  designated bag to store snacks in when everyday activities come your way?




We’ll if you answered YES to any of these questions we’ve got just what you need!


Your very own eco friendly Snack Bag made from calico and cork materials

*Reusable, Biodegradable & Printed using Renewable Energy.


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The Better Being Snack Bag

210 x 80 x 135mm (LxWxH)