Salted Banana Caramel Better Being Blend 200g

When it comes to baking, bananas are our absolute favourite ingredient!! And when it comes to all things luscious, there’s no going past the taste of a slightly salted...caramel. And so, our Salted Banana Caramel Blends were born. We can guarantee you'll create the best little treats ever.



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Salted Banana Caramel Better Being Blend 200g

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1 mixing bowl, spoon, 2 tbsp maple syrup,  2 tbsp almond butter



  1. Pour dry mix into bowl
  2. Add maple syrup and coconut oil
  3. Mix thoroughly until mixture comes together
  4. Roll into balls (approx 10)
  5. Place in fridge or freezer for to set
  6. Enjoy!



Maple Syrup: Rice Malt Syrup / Agave / Coconut Nectar

Almond Butter: Peanut Butter / Cashew Butter