Cutting our bars by hand can sometimes be tricky and there are times things don't go to plan.So the sneaky seconds are usually taken home and eaten by ourselves or used to create recipes.


Since sharing the Sneaky Seconds with you on our stories, our team have decided to make them available to you too.


A selection of flavours from the Sneaky Wholefoods Collection are now available to purchase in bags of 500g (small to large size pieces of Snick Snack Bars, Super Bars & Bites that didnt make the cut). Limited bags per batch.


* PLEASE NOTE * Chuck size of the Sneaky Second pieces will vary from bag to bag and will never look the same


Nutritional Information per 100g and ingredients can be found on the original product/flavour pages.


Price excludes GST, GST will be applied at checkout based on location

Sneaky Collection Sneaky Seconds 500g