Hey guys, I'm Rach!

I'm a Kiwi gal and proud of it! My husband and I moved to Australia in 2011!

We live on the Sunny Gold Coast in Queensland and LOVING life here #whatswinter?

We have 2 gorgeous boys (Josh & Lucas), they are VERY active and full of life. They slow us down and speed us up at the same time.

I work full time in finance and my husband Phil works as web developer, to say our life is fast paced would be an understatement.


To be honest I don't have much of a 'story' to tell, in fact mine is fairly simple. My weight barely fluctuates, I've been within the same 2-3kg range since I was around 15 years old (I'm 32 now and still in denial by the way).

However what has always fluctuated for me is my energy and mood. Coming to grips with gut health and the importance of what we actually put in our bodies has been a game changer for me.

I have always been a 'smaller' person, and I guess with this comes the persona of being healthy, I think I even believed it to be honest. And because I was smaller I never saw a reason or need to workout.


So how did my mindset shift?


Somehow for the first time in my life I joined a gym, I literally saw an ad on social media to go on a waiting list for a local gym and thought why not? within a week or so I was called up and offered a spot, next minute I'm late night shopping at Kmart to buy my first ever 'active wear'


I went along to the gym, did a few classes, and started to get hooked. 

A month or so in I was then very fortunate to have been selected for the 'Squad Project', a You-Tube series following 5 woman on their health and fitness journey over a 12 week period.

I could not have asked for a better 'introduction' into healthy living. We got to work with some serious professionals, a Naturopath, Personal Trainers, A Chef, The Gym Owners, Directors, Film Crew... we felt like mini celebrities!


I learnt it all starts with mindset, then the discipline & commitment to reach your goals.

For me, my goal was/is simple, to become the best version of myself 'stronger, fitter & healthier.

I have kicked some seriously bad habits in the butt, the worst being 'coke zero' as my staple liquid, I reckon I had 1 glass of water a day, in fact if I was thirsty I would crave a cold coke not water!

I love that I am physically getting stronger, but most importantly I have loved learning (and still) about the KEY role good ingredients and nutrients play in our day to day mood and energy. Don't get me wrong, I don't eat perfect all the time, but I've learnt the importance of 'balance'.