Sneaky Wholefoods products are an excellent source of nutrition and energy.

My lifestyle of BMX and managing events can be taxing on my body and energy levels at times. When I’m out traveling around whether it is for managing an event, performing in a stunt show or competing in BMX competitions I always take some Sneaky Wholefoods snacks with me. When traveling the availability of food can be quite hard especially being gluten intolerant and vegan, so on a recent trip to Japan where I competed, I made sure to take a box of Snick Snack bars to last me the whole trip! One a day defiantly boosted my energy levels and knowing I had Sneaky Wholefoods with me was a massive win!




I have been into BMX riding since 1981. After I raced BMX for 5 years I moved into BMX freestyle riding (trick riding) and have never stopped or slowed down. My progression is what drives me forward, always wanting to learn new tricks. BMX is me and after over 35 years I really don’t know anything else. Being progressive is one of my personal drives. Riding BMX is a highly energized and dangerous sport / lifestyle / passion. It can be a dangerous to your body. I’ve only got the one body and I need to take care of it.


In 2009 after much thought and talking to friend I went vegetarian. I also found out that I had developed a intolerance to lactose and gluten. Going vegetarian was easy, I just cut out meat. I did a lot or research into how to balance out my diet and learnt a lot about eating for nutrition rather then taste. That’s not to say flavour isn't important - IT IS! It just meant I made sure that my meals contained the right ingredients to be sure I was receiving the necessary nutrition my body needed. Once I stopped eating eggs it wasn't long until i decided to become a vegan and wholly relied on a plant based diet to reach all my nutritional needs.  


It’s been a long time since then and all I can remember from giving up animal meat was the lightness I felt with in my own body. Not lighter in weight but lighter in my body feel. I live a plant base life style not just for health reasons but also to do what is right by our animal friends. Animals have a conscience and therefore feel and can express emotions.


IG: @freestyle_now