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Salted Caramel and Banana Cookie Dough Popsicles



250g Vanilla Ice-cream

Cookie Dough:

1 tbsp liquid coconut oil

1 tbsp maple syrup


100g white chocolate (melted)

Your choice of toppings



  1. Scoop and transfer Halo Top ice-cream into a small mixing bowl and allow to melt over night in the refrigerator, covered

Cookie Dough:

  1. Pour dry mix into bowl

  2. Add maple syrup and coconut oil

  3. Mix thoroughly until mixture comes together

  4. Roll into mini sized balls

  5. Place in fridge or freezer for to set


  1. Insert popsicle stick into mould as needed

  2. In each popsicle hole place 3-4 cookie dough balls evenly spread out

  3. Whisk melted ice-cream to combine mixture (mixture may slightly separate during the melting process)

  4. Pour ice-cream mix evenly into each popsicle hole

  5. Place in freezer to set up to 4 hours

  6. Once set remove popsicles from freezer and moulds

  7. Melt chocolate over a double boiler, allow to slightly cool before coating each indivually ice-cream separately

  8. Store in freezer.

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