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Choc Maple Crunch Ice-cream Slice

This is the perfect slice for after dinner or lunch dessert!


For the Base:

1 Cup Coffee Maple Crunch Better Being Blend 2 Tbsp Maple Syrup 1 Tbsp Almond Butter

For the Ice Cream Layer: 1/2 Cup Coconut Yoghurt 1 Serve Choc Protein Powder

For the Top Layer

50g Dark Choc, melted

Extra Coffee Maple Crunch Blend for sprinkling



  1. In a mixing bowl, combine blend, maple syrup and almond butter until well combined and sticky, if the mixture is too try to stick together, add a dash of water or your favourite milk.

  2. Press into a lined loaf tin.

  3. Combine coconut yoghurt and protein powder until a thick mouse like batter is formed, spread over the base mixture.

  4. Pour melted choc over the top and spread evenly, sprinkle with extra blend.

  5. Freeze for at least 2 hours or overnight before cutting into 12 squares



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