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No Bake Birthday Cake Cheesecake

Why eat cake when you can eat CHEESECAKE?



20g vanilla pea protein powder

15g oats or 1 x crushed Weet-Bix (GF or regular)

80g Greek yoghurt

1 tbsp almond milk


120g vanilla Greek yoghurt or non dairy yoghurt of choice

20g vanilla pea protein powder

1/2tsp natural sweetener



Sprinkles, as many as your heart desires


  1. In separate bowls, add all ingredients for the base all the ingredients for the filling and stir to combine.

  2. Mould the base mixture with your hand into a small ramekin or bake dish, and press firmly.

  3. The ‘cheesecake’ layer should be creamy and thick. Pour this over the birthday cake base layer.

  4. Place in the fridge until completely chilled and set

  5. Once set, serve with sprinkles and crumbled birthday cake bar and enjoy!

Serves: 1


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