For me, food serves a very important purpose. I’m passionate about health and invest a lot into being healthy. I am really conscious of what I put in my body. I treat myself every single day - but I don't do so by loading up on artificial chemicals and sweeteners, refined sugars, fake protein or ingredients that just aren’t serving me and my health in any way. Switching to wholesome foods with real, nutritiously-dense ingredients like those in the Sneaky Wholefoods balls and bars has been an absolute life saver for me. I have more energy, I feel mentally stronger and healthier, my performance in the gym has maximised and I can still indulge in decadent and delicious treats to satisfy my soul. I don’t feel deprived in any way, I don’t feel bloated or lethargic - I eat well, and feel so good for it. 




"At only 22 years of age, I’ve had a very complicated history of eating and a hard relationship with food. Growing up, I was overweight and picked very poor food choices. I filled up on ‘junk foods’ and had no concept of portion control or what I was putting into my body. I then went vegetarian at the age of 14, and once again, failed to make smart choices with what I was consuming - I reached for any food that was vegetarian, yet placed no value on making sure I was getting enough fibre, iron or vitamins. I ended up anaemic, lethargic and anything but healthy.


A few years later, I started an innocent venture to get healthier and lose weight. I was a teenager fundamentally uncomfortable in my own skin and felt the pressure to be “skinny” in order to be popular and worthy. I started exercising, cut back on my eating and the weight dropped off. But still, I was anything but healthy. Within a year I had lost 20kgs and spiralled into the depths of anorexia. I refused to eat, became scared of foods and when i did eat - it was “low-calorie”, nutritionally empty foods I chose.


Over the past 2-4 years I’ve come a long with with my relationship with food and more importantly, myself. I’ve invested a great deal of time into healing my mind and working on my mental weaknesses - and the strides i’ve made forward in my self-perception, love and confidence have now began to be reflected in how I treat myself and what I choose to put into my body. I’ve felt the effects of a poor diet and poor food choices at both sides of the extreme and I sure know now that both calorie-dense junk foods and empty calorie convenience foods do anything BUT serve my body and mind well.."



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