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Wholefood snacks is our jam. We hand make a selection of plant-based, gluten free, high protein, grain free snacks, that not only look and taste amazing but make you feel amazing too.


Our range has been created to make it easier for you to create your own balanced relationship when it comes to snacking. Whether that be snacking on one of our snack bars one day, or creating your very own snacks in the comfort of your home the next with our do-it-yourself snack mixes.

Our range allows you to take ownership of your snack time, by investing in snacks that make you feel good from the inside out. 

Our range includes Super Bites & Bars, Snick Snack Bars, Better Being Bars and Better Being Bases. 

Handmade in Perth, WA

We ship nation wide and also offer nation wide wholesale! 

Click here to contact us today.

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Daisy Buck, a self confessed snack addict and food

creative began Sneaky Wholefoods in 2014.

What began with snacking on one to many snack bars per day, turned into a love for creating her own snacks at home. Social media provided a creative outlet, which soon connected her with local cafes and grocers. The more Daisy connected with local businesses the more she noticed the demand for wholesome and mindful snacking. From there Sneaky Wholefoods became an official brand servicing local cafes a variety of bliss balls and bars as well as having a pop up store at local farmer markets around Perth. 

It was only 2 years later Daisy launched her own collection of retail ready snacks and officially become one of a selected few handmade health brands within Australia servicing the health market.

In 2018 Daisy expanded her range from Snack Bars to Do-It-Yourself Snack Mixes in partnership with Steph McDonald @betterbeingsteph and in doing so Sneaky Wholefoods has created a larger community of people now creating their own snacks at home, just like Daisy in 2014.


Now a Mother, Daisy knows first hand the importance of mindful snacking and the balancing act played when it comes to snack time. Which makes Sneaky Wholefoods the perfect addition to your busy day, 

Listen to Daisy's Journey on The C Word Podcast  - Click Here

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Beige Creative Watercolor Minimalist Desktop Wallpaper  (2)_edited.png
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