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about sneaky

Welcome to Sneaky Wholefoods, where we believe that nourishing snacks should be both wholesome and indulgent.


Our journey began in 2014 when our founder, Daisy, embarked on a mission to create snack bars that were free from complex ingredients found in mainstream products that would fit her hectic lifestyleFueled by a passion for real food and a desire to make a positive impact on people's health Sneaky Wholefoods was born.


Since then Sneaky Wholefoods has been on a mission to sneak nourishment into your routine, providing you with sustenance free-from inulin fibers, artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols and obscure additives. Instead, we focus on nutrient-dense ingredients, that serve’s your body and mind.


We also understand the need to indulge and enjoy life's little pleasures. That's why we've added a touch of indulgence to our snacks, to keep you satisfied and sane amidst the rush of everyday life. Whether it's a chocolate, sprinkles or the way we roll in a touch of nostalgia to our flavours, our snacks offer that perfect balance between wholesome goodness and delightful indulgence all the while providing those busiest, a convenient snack solution designed to effortlessly fit into your day with ease.

All proudly handmade in Perth, Western Australia


Snick Snack Bar

The bar that started it all! 

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Sneaky Wholefoods Taster Bundle.png

our story

From recipe creating to a Sneaky Business venture

What began as a simple passion for snacking eventually blossomed into a remarkable entrepreneurial pursuit for Daisy. By leveraging social media, Daisy engaged with local cafes and markets, discovering a demand for wholesome and mindful snacks crafted from natural ingredients. This led to the inception of Sneaky Wholefoods, a brand heralding a new era of nutritious and delicious bliss balls and bars in Perth.


Sneaky Wholefoods' range of snacks quickly gained popularity, featuring prominently on the counters of local cafes and farmers' markets. With each passing day, Daisy continued to take necessary steps towards launching her own line of retail-ready snacks, enabling her to cater to a broader audience across Australia throughout the first few years in business.


Then in 2018 Daisy the brain-child of Sneaky Wholefoods and Steph, a brand ambassador of Sneaky Wholefoods, collaborated on a line of do-it-yourself snacks that supported mindful snacking aligning with Steph’s love for creating better-for-you alternatives. But their do-it-yourself snack mixes were just the beginning. In 2019, Steph became Daisy’s business partner, which kickstarted their journey towards creating a full line of better-for-you snacks, including dessert-inspired snack bars that complemented Sneaky Wholefoods' existing line of wholefood bars.


With the balance of running all sides of Sneaky Wholefoods themselves over the past 4 years, Daisy’s welcomed her first daughter into the world and Steph began her degree in Nutrition full time, all while growing and introducing new products to their community. They both quickly learned how hectic life can get, being pulled in all different directions on the daily. Seeing how easy it could be for their own health and consumption of nutrient-dense food to take a back seat, like many others, they knew they've created the perfect solution, offering them and you the convenience and nourishment we deserve.

dais and steph
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