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Raw Carrot Spiced Hot Cross Buns

This Easter we'll be leaving these cute little fruity raw hot cross buns with carrot out for the Easter Bunny to enjoy.

Containing CARROT, juicy sultanas and a boost of protein we're sure they'll be a hit.





  • 100g white chocolate

  • 2 tbsp pea protein whey protein


  1. Place (extra) sultanas evenly in the base of a ice cube tray moulds

  2. Blend; Better Being Blend, 1/4 cup sultanas, pea protein, coconut oil and rice malt syrup until mixture comes together.

  3. Divide mix between 10 cube moulds

  4. Set in refrigerator until firm, remove from mould.

  5. Melt Chocolate.

  6. Whisk protein into melted chocolate until smooth.

  7. Transfer into a small piping bag and squeeze mixture over buns to make a cross on each bun.

  8. Refrigerate and allow to set

  9. Enjoy

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