Vanilla Cookie Dough Choc Chip Better Being Bar 60g

Is there anyone who hasn't felt compelled to eat raw cookie dough straight from the packet or mixing bowl?


We doubt it...That's why we've re-invented the timeless classic 'Cookie Dough' that you all know and crave.


We’ve hand-selected ingredients that match the rich flavours of the traditional whipped butter, browned sugar, vanilla bean and chocolate chips (what's cookie dough without chocolate chips?!).


Bursting with sweetness, a salty kick & a nutty wholesomeness, this bar ticks all the boxes...


We can not guarantee you won't eat those boxes all at once.

Our mission is simple:  Snack Better,  Be Better


Best eaten at room temperature for optimum taste and texture


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Vanilla Cookie Dough Choc Chip Better Being Bar 60g

INGREDIENTS: Cashews, Dates, *Coconut Nectar, Almond Butter [Almonds] (9.0%), Pea Protein Isolate, *Dark Chocolate [Cocoa Mass (Cacao Liquor), Cane Sugar, Cacao Butter, Cacao Powder](5.5%), Psyllium Husk, Vanilla Bean Paste (1.5%), *Maca, Himalayan Salt


CONTAINS: Tree Nuts (Cashews, Almonds)

May contain traces of peanuts, sesame seeds, soy and other tree nuts. Handmade in a facility that processes peanuts. 

Whilst all care has been taken some date pits, date pit fragments or nutshell may remain. CHEW WITH CARE.