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Wholefood snacks is our jam. We hand make a selection of plant-based, gluten free, high protein, grain free snacks, that not only look and taste amazing but make you feel amazing too.


Our range has been created to make it easier for you to create your own balanced relationship when it comes to snacking. Whether that be snacking on one of our snack bars one day, or creating your very own snacks in the comfort of your home the next with our do-it-yourself snack mixes.

Our range allows you to take ownership of your snack time, by investing in snacks that make you feel good from the inside out. 

Our range includes Super Bites & Bars, Snick Snack Bars, Better Being Bars and Better Being Bases. 

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Snack bars handmade with a 'whole' lot of love.

Designed to nourish your body from within with wholesome ingredients that will satisfy your growling tummy when 3pm rolls around.

Created to add real value to your snack time,

There's a flavour for everyone.

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Better Being Collection by Steph McDonald has been designed for you to hold the power when it comes to snack time.

With our DIY Bases or dessert inspired snack bars you can personalise and customise your own wholesome snack or simply peel a snack bar open and be on your way to better your day.

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Create and bake with our products with a little helping hand from our Pantry. 

In our Pantry you'll find all of our favourite staple ingredients that are in our pantry at home.

We've brought our everyday staples together in one place to help make you snack making time convenient and easy. 

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