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Snacks for when the rush of life takes over

Nutritious handmade wholefood snacks for health-conscious individuals leading busy lifestyles

Our wholefood snacks are perfect for for those who prioritize healthy eating while keeping up with their busy schedules.

Our snacks offer both convenience and nutrient density, providing you with sustained energy throughout the day, while also fulfilling life's little pleasures.

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We know what's good for you

We know some day's there's never enough time to juggle your health goals and your busy schedule. That's why we've got a whole range of snacks that fit the bill! 

Whether you're running from one meeting to another, working out at the gym, chasing after your energetic toddler, or trying to make the school run on time – we got you covered, folks

Take a scroll around and find your new favourite snack that will keep you feeling fulfilled and energized when needed most.

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Bars & Bites


Inspired Bars

Snack Base

DIY Mixes

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Sneaky Wholefoods Bars
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Banana Caramel Cookie Better Being Base
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Better Being Bars

Nourishing wholefood bars for when the rush of life takes over Our wholefood bars offer a delectable and nutritious snacking experience with a well rounded macronutrient count They’ll provide sustained energy for the busiest moments in your day. Moreover, our bars are the perfect companions for those who are always on the move and require a quick and wholesome pick-me-up. Their compact size and portability make them an ideal choice for those leading busy lives.

Snack bars inspired by your most favourite sweet treats Prepare to revolutionize your snacking habits with our delectable snack bars, inspired by some of the most indulgent desserts and treats! We understand the allure of a comforting dessert, which is why we've created snack bars that are made entirely from natural ingredients, providing you with sustained energy and healthy sustenance. So why not indulge in one of our nourish bars today and experience the delicious flavors and satisfying textures for yourself?

For when you've got a little more time. Each packet comes with not one but two effortless recipes, making you a snack making pro in no time! You can simply mix the base with your favorite sweetener and nut butter, then roll into bite-sized protein balls But why stop there? These bases love to play dress-up, making them the perfect base to create your own treats. The possibilities are endless!

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sneak nourishment into your day

our snacks are packed with nutrient-dense real food ingredients; minimally processed to keep all the essential nutrients intact, providing you with sustained energy throughout the day, free-from chicory-root, inulin fibers, artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols and obscure additives providing a satisfying and well-rounded nourishment.


We also understand the need to indulge and enjoy life's little pleasures. That's why we've sneaked a touch of indulgence to our snacks, to keep you satisfied and sound of mind amidst the rush of everyday life. Sneaky Wholefoods make it easy for you to sneak some goodness into your day


Join our community of nourish loving individuals who have discovered the joys of incorporating our snacks into their daily routine

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"Absolutely love my better being Steph x sneaky whole foods bars! My favourites are the White Chocolate Funfetti Birthday Cake and the Strawberry White Choc Blondie, tastes so yummy and also great to know I’m getting my protein in."


Never disappointed! 

"Restocked my absolute fav bars the Strawberry bars from the better being collection (always delicious!) and tried out their limited edition marshmallow biscuit protein balls which were divine. Had to seriously ration them to make them last as long as possible."



The best flavour yet!

"Absolutely love this one. Love them all but this is perfect. Texture is spot on and the right amount of chocolate (not too rich) sprinkles and choc chips No more to be said. Well done guys. Yo nailed it. Will definitely be buying more as my staple."


Always amazing! 

"Love having a little treat without feeling naughty at all. Daisy and Steph - keep doing what your doing because it's WORKING!""


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